6 Hi-Tech Treadmill Features that You should Consider

homefitnessintelBusy professionals prefer to have a gym set up on their homes so that they can exercise and stay fit even on their busy schedule. Just like every gym, home gyms need a cardio machine where you can warm up and cool down. The rowing machine and ellipticals are great cardio machines but the most popular type of cardio machine is the treadmill, and most homeowners opt to buy it for their home gym. Because today’s technology is becoming more advance, there are many hi-tech treadmill features that are being introduced to the market today. These interesting treadmill features are worth checking out so if you are out shopping for a good cardio machine, check these out.

On-Board Internet

Just like many electronic gadgets, treadmills can now connect to the internet. These new breed of treadmills are equipped with LCD screens that you can use to surf the internet while you work out. Although this isn’t a big leap for treadmills, you’ll never know when you need to use this feature. You can now watch music videos or listen to songs that you like on the internet while running and improving your health.


Yes, most modern treadmills have televisions on board so you can watch your favorite shows while working out. Most people prefer televisions over onboard WiFi because they don’t require hands to operate it making it more productive for their workout hours. However, if you are addicted to soaps and you can’t miss a show, this is the feature that you might want to consider.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring

This is the best type of heart monitoring feature that you can have on your treadmill. Sure holding onto pulse grips is doable but it doesn’t really feel right while you’re running. Chest straps aren’t that bad either and are proven to be more accurate than wireless heart rate monitors but the fact that they are attached to you still doesn’t make the cut. Some workouts require you to take note of your heart rate so this feature will help you out a lot.

One-Touch Speed and Incline Adjustment

The one touch adjustment is good because you only have to push the number that you want your speed or incline gradient to be. Instead of hitting the arrow buttons plenty of times to get to the desired number of speed, you can just opt for one button instead making it more convenient for you. It should not be confused with the buttons that are found on the arm handles of a treadmill.

iFit – Virtual Running and Walking

Ifit is a program that is unique to some treadmills. The most popular feature that it has is the one where you can program real life terrain and races as your running course. If you are serious about your training and you would like a more challenging course or a different one everyday, this is the feature that you would like to have. It also allows you to mount your laptop to watch a street view of the terrain that you choose.