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homefitnessintelBusy professionals prefer to have a gym set up on their homes so that they can exercise and stay fit even on their busy schedule. Just like every gym, home gyms need a cardio machine where you can warm up and cool down. The rowing machine and ellipticals are great cardio machines but the most popular type of cardio machine is the treadmill, and most homeowners opt to buy it for their home gym. Because today’s technology is becoming more advance, there are many hi-tech treadmill features that are being introduced to the market today. These interesting treadmill features are worth checking out so if you are out shopping for a good cardio machine, check these out.

On-Board Internet

Just like many electronic gadgets, treadmills can now connect to the internet. These new breed of treadmills are equipped with LCD screens that you can use to surf the internet while you work out. Although this isn’t a big leap for treadmills, you’ll never know when you need to use this feature. You can now watch music videos or listen to songs that you like on the internet while running and improving your health.


Yes, most modern treadmills have televisions on board so you can watch your favorite shows while working out. Most people prefer televisions over onboard WiFi because they don’t require hands to operate it making it more productive for their workout hours. However, if you are addicted to soaps and you can’t miss a show, this is the feature that you might want to consider.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring

This is the best type of heart monitoring feature that you can have on your treadmill. Sure holding onto pulse grips is doable but it doesn’t really feel right while you’re running. Chest straps aren’t that bad either and are proven to be more accurate than wireless heart rate monitors but the fact that they are attached to you still doesn’t make the cut. Some workouts require you to take note of your heart rate so this feature will help you out a lot.

One-Touch Speed and Incline Adjustment

The one touch adjustment is good because you only have to push the number that you want your speed or incline gradient to be. Instead of hitting the arrow buttons plenty of times to get to the desired number of speed, you can just opt for one button instead making it more convenient for you. It should not be confused with the buttons that are found on the arm handles of a treadmill.

iFit – Virtual Running and Walking

Ifit is a program that is unique to some treadmills. The most popular feature that it has is the one where you can program real life terrain and races as your running course. If you are serious about your training and you would like a more challenging course or a different one everyday, this is the feature that you would like to have. It also allows you to mount your laptop to watch a street view of the terrain that you choose.


edptMany people suffer from back pain because of the stress that they encounter everyday. Depending on the nature of a person’s job, their back pain problem can range from mild to chronic. There are many ways to alleviate back pain but the most effective way is to have a comfortable mattress to sleep on every night. Because many people suffer from back pain all over the world, many manufacturers are trying to get into the market and produce different kinds of mattresses. Today, there are different technologies applied to the production of mattresses for people with back pain.

Inner Spring Mattress

These are the traditional mattresses and I’m sure that everyone has already slept in one throughout the years. Innerspring mattresses consist of thousands of wires with different gauges that are spun into coils. The coils are then topped with a foam to give the mattress a more comfortable and softer feel. These type of mattresses are known to last for 5 to 10 years when used daily. Some people feel uncomfortable when using spring mattresses compared to other types of mattresses. Spring mattresses also have the tendency to cave in the middle area after a few years.

Water Bed

Sleeping on a water bed can reduce the pressure on the body and give patients the proper spinal alignment that they need. These mattresses were the first type of conforming mattresses to be available in the market. During winter, heaters are used to warm the bed and relieve stress as well as muscle tension. The problem with water beds is that when it’s punctured, your room might turn into a pond. Also, if you sleep beside your partner and they move a lot while sleeping, their movement can cause a wave that can wake you up.

Air Mattress

This type of mattress gives you different options for firmness depending on the air that you pump into it. If you have a partner that sleeps with you, air mattresses allow you to customize the firmness of each side of the bed for your comfort. Air mattresses also conform to the sleeper’s body just like water beds. When you buy air mattresses, you should definitely look into the warranty because it has many interior parts that can easily break overtime. They also have the tendency to hammock just like spring mattresses so you want to be careful.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses were first used by Astronauts until a Swedish bedding company introduced it to the market for consumers. Memory foams are designed to give pressure relief to those people who experience back pain and are mostly prescribed by physicians. All memory foam is uniquely made and no two memory foams are alike. Their construction and material can vary from one manufacturer to another. Memory foam mattresses are usually made with polyeurethane foam but some manufacturers use natural products to make them.

Latex Mattress

Just like memory foam mattresses, latex beds offer pressure relief but it’s made with a natural surface. There are different types of latex that can be used to make these mattresses and the durability depends on the process that was used to manufacture them. Talalay latex is most resilient when compared to Dunlop or natural latex. Find out more about the best mattress products in the market by visiting Upon a Mattress.

EDPT airconditionerlab

EDPT airconditionerlabThe heat can cause extreme exhaustion especially during the summer. This is why people buy air conditioners to keep them cool and calm throughout the day. People have been using air conditioners throughout the years and much advancement in technology directly affected how air conditioners work. Today, there are many types of air conditioners to choose from that will suit your home and your needs.  Before going out and buying an air conditioner unit for your home or office, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the different types of air conditioners that you can choose from and the technology behind them.

Window Air Conditioner

This system consists of a self contained unit that is installed in a window or through a hole that was made in an exterior wall. Because it’s not really a good idea to add holes in your house’s walls, these units are almost always installed in windows. The unit has all the components that an air conditioning unit needs in one box. It blows heat out on the other end of the unit and blows cool air on the other side.

Portable Air Conditioner

This is another type of the window air conditioning system. The portable unit has a self contained unit that can be positioned on the floor inside your room. It ejects heat through a hose vent that is placed outside an exterior wall. This type of air conditioning system is a bit noisier than other types of units and can handle rooms under 500 sq ft. If you have central air conditioning and there are rooms that are left hot, this may be the solution for you.

Split or Ductless Air Conditioner

This type of system is technically called a packaged terminal air conditioner or PTAC. You will usually see this type of air conditioners in hotels, apartments and other establishments. The split system separates the air conditioning system into two terminal units. The refrigerant tubing passes through an exterior wall which connects both package units. One package is the condensing unit that is located on the exterior which consists of the compressor, condenser and condenser fan. The other package is the evaporative unit that is located on the interior and handles air distribution and cooling. This unit includes the fan, expansion valve and evaporator coil.

Ductless Air Conditioner Options

This is the premium type of air conditioning system available for your homes, offices and businesses. It provides the quietest, most comfortable and best performing system compared to other types of air conditioning units. The only thing that you have to worry about when choosing the central air conditioning system is that the size has to be appropriate for the place that you are going to install it in. If the size of the system is too large, it will affect its performance and will not dehumidify properly or worse, it may short cycle. This type of air conditioning system is made of two packaged units, the condensing unit and the evaporative unit. Both of these systems are connected through refrigerant tubing. The large boxy unit that is found outside is called the condensing unit which consists of the compressor, condensing fan and condensing coils. The evaporative unit is usually placed near your heating system so it can use the same ductwork that it uses. The evaporative unit contains the expansion valve and evaporator coil.

EDPT bestwalkingfeet

EDPT bestwalkingfeetNurses are always walking or running around in the hospital to help take care of patients. Because of the nature of their job, they need to wear comfortable and highly dependable shoes at all times. If a nurse develops foot aches or problems, then this will also slow them down when they are trying to help people. There are many shoes that claim that they are the best for nurses because of their comfort and durability. However, only a few live up to its promises. Here are some of the best shoes that nurses should consider buying to keep their feet healthy.

Dansko Clogs

Some clogs are backless and although it may sound appealing for some, it’s a major don’t for nurses. However, there are high quality clogs where your foot seems to float in the shoes and seek the level of comfort that it requires. These shoes stay balanced on your foot and create no compression on the sensitive areas.


The patented Personalized comfort system found in Therafit allows the owner to adjust the cushion level and impact protection to fit your foot’s personal needs. It is designed with a wedge that absorbs the shock with an outsole that can be adjusted to increase and decrease impact resistance. These shoes are said to be the embodiment of what an exercise, play and work shoes should be like. Therafit is also known to relieve muscle and joint pain while it guards against injuries that may occur from time to time. Therafit also has a great 30 day return and exchange policy which makes it even better for consumers.

Nike Free

This shoe was designed by Nike to let your feet move freely and naturally compared to typical athletic shoes. Nike is also saying that the freedom that this shoe gives your feet allows your feet to grow stronger after a short period of time. Nike Free is well suited for people who have average width or even wider feet unlike other shoes that are only suited for narrow feet.

New Balance

New Balance walking and running shoes are both designed for high levels of impact and different kinds of activity. These features make them perfect for nurses who spend their time standing, walking or running around the hospital all day.  As an additional benefit, New Balance stores have a well educated staff that can help you when you make your decision on what shoes is best for you.

Nurse Mates

Nurses need a well cushioned shoe that has a supportive sole that also gives a good arch support that is well contoured to your feet. Just as its name suggests, Nurse Mates are designed to meet a nurse’s hectic schedule and work demands. If you want shoes with the best kind of support, choose Nurse Mates clogs with a back or the athletic type of shoe that suits your foot’s arch and width. Nurse Mates come in clogs and lace up athletic shoes to suit people’s preferences and comfort level.

GM Diet woman

In todayGM Diet woman’s society where people are obsessed with losing weight and looking thinner, many fad diets have emerged claiming that they will give you results. However, most of these diets don’t really live up to their promises and you end up wasting your time and effort. The GM diet was made for General Motor employees to make sure they stay fit. Compared to other diets, the whole program only takes a week for you to lose weight and notice significant changes in your body. The GM diet promises to make you lose at least 12 to 15 lbs after 7 days. Many people can testify to the positive results of the GM diet. If you are interested to try it, here is all that you need to know about it.


Although many people are trying to contradict it, the GM diet is a sure fire way to start the detoxification process in the body. Individuals are prohibited from eating fat, carbohydrates and unhealthy protein during the first few days of the program. Because of this, their bodies are cleansed and their toxins that make them feel tired, overweight and stressed are flushed out. Those who practice the GM diet are encouraged to drink up to 2 liters of water everyday that is enough to digest the food that they have consumed and wash away all their unwanted toxins in the system. Regular detoxification can lead to a better digestion, better bowel movement and urination that can cause weight loss.

Faster Digestion

GM diet helps digestion in two important ways. The first way is through the food that is consumed every day of the diet week. Individuals are asked to consume high fiber food like fruits and vegetables that are also low in sugar. These meals speed up digestion and because they easily absorbed by our stomach. Another way is through a person’s water intake where the overall digestion process is maximized. In turn, individuals are able to use all of the nutrients that they consumed and use their reserved energy at the same time through their metabolism.

Regular Bowel Movement

One of the main reasons why people become overweight is their unnecessary wastes that are trapped inside their bodies. Elements that weren’t digested by the body and have not been removed by defecation cause people to become overweight. Because of the high fiber food and water intake required by the GM diet, the solid elements in the digestive track are flushed away from your body regularly. Constipation, LBM and other bowel related problems are avoided.


The processes mentioned above contribute to faster weight loss. Individuals under the GM diet do not only lose weight but also find themselves leading a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. People that underwent the diet also get rid of poor eating habits and enjoy life in natural manner. After the 7 day period, you’ll find that you are lighter and your perspective in life has also changed. You will crave organic and natural food instead of unhealthy and fatty foods.