Shoe technology: How it’s changing the lives of nurses

EDPT bestwalkingfeetNurses are always walking or running around in the hospital to help take care of patients. Because of the nature of their job, they need to wear comfortable and highly dependable shoes at all times. If a nurse develops foot aches or problems, then this will also slow them down when they are trying to help people. There are many shoes that claim that they are the best for nurses because of their comfort and durability. However, only a few live up to its promises. Here are some of the best shoes that nurses should consider buying to keep their feet healthy.

Dansko Clogs

Some clogs are backless and although it may sound appealing for some, it’s a major don’t for nurses. However, there are high quality clogs where your foot seems to float in the shoes and seek the level of comfort that it requires. These shoes stay balanced on your foot and create no compression on the sensitive areas.


The patented Personalized comfort system found in Therafit allows the owner to adjust the cushion level and impact protection to fit your foot’s personal needs. It is designed with a wedge that absorbs the shock with an outsole that can be adjusted to increase and decrease impact resistance. These shoes are said to be the embodiment of what an exercise, play and work shoes should be like. Therafit is also known to relieve muscle and joint pain while it guards against injuries that may occur from time to time. Therafit also has a great 30 day return and exchange policy which makes it even better for consumers.

Nike Free

This shoe was designed by Nike to let your feet move freely and naturally compared to typical athletic shoes. Nike is also saying that the freedom that this shoe gives your feet allows your feet to grow stronger after a short period of time. Nike Free is well suited for people who have average width or even wider feet unlike other shoes that are only suited for narrow feet.

New Balance

New Balance walking and running shoes are both designed for high levels of impact and different kinds of activity. These features make them perfect for nurses who spend their time standing, walking or running around the hospital all day.  As an additional benefit, New Balance stores have a well educated staff that can help you when you make your decision on what shoes is best for you.

Nurse Mates

Nurses need a well cushioned shoe that has a supportive sole that also gives a good arch support that is well contoured to your feet. Just as its name suggests, Nurse Mates are designed to meet a nurse’s hectic schedule and work demands. If you want shoes with the best kind of support, choose Nurse Mates clogs with a back or the athletic type of shoe that suits your foot’s arch and width. Nurse Mates come in clogs and lace up athletic shoes to suit people’s preferences and comfort level.